How to be Calm and Balanced during Consultations

Workshop Details


Are you suffering with stress, burnout or compassion fatigue?


Would you like to enhance your consultation skills, improve your wellbeing, job satisfaction, sense of balance, relationship with patients and colleagues?


Based on mindfulness principles and practices, this is a practical, experiential and informative workshop that is aimed at helping you cultivate skilful habits that will:

  • enhance your clinical interactions on a day to day basis
  • raise your awareness to your stress triggers. 

As clinicians we are faced with enormous workload and constant pressure to make quick and critical decisions. This inevitably leads to increasing poor performance, exhaustion, compassion fatigue, work-life imbalance, stress, burnout, mental and physical ill-health. 


How many of us can relate to this? As a working mum and GP I have full appreciation of these challenges.


Burnout has been found to occur mostly amongst the caring professions. It is typically associated with the prolonged and cumulative effects of emotional stress and pressure that arise from personal interaction with members of the public on a daily basis. 


In a recent UK Doctors’ burnout and lifestyle survey (Medscape 2018), doctors were reported to be at greater risk of burnout, stress and mental health issues than the general public; 32% doctors reported feeling burned out at some stage and 14% said they were depressed. 


How can you improve your consultations to not only ensure clinical safety but also safeguard your own wellbeing?   


How can being more mindful during consultations reduce your stress levels?


There is compelling evidence to show that mindfulness training;

  •  Increases emotional wellbeing
  •  Increases compassion towards other
  •  Improves self-compassion
  •  Reduces stress and burnout.


Who can attend


Healthcare professional.

Please wear comfortable clothing as there will be some mindful movement practices.




A vegetarian lunch.

Tea and coffee.







0930 - 1600






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Dr Wendy Molefi-Youri