Meditation Practices

Checking in


This practice offers us the opportunity to check in and to ground ourselves in the present moment, especially if the mind is unsettled or unsteady during stressful times. It also offers the opportunity to decompress, or simply to punctuate moments during or at the end of a busy day.

Tuning into the breath


This practice focuses on mindful awareness of the breath. The breath is always available as an anchor to reconnect with the present moment. By focusing attention on the breath we can let go of ruminative thoughts that so often keep us trapped in old unhelpful habits. We also learn to see these unhelpful patterns of  thinking and can develop new and skilful strategies.  This practice can help bring a sense of calm and self-compassion.

Standing tall


This is a standing meditation. It offers an opportunity to tune into the magnificence of the body and to reconnect with mindful presence. Emotions are often expressed in the body in subtle ways, just under the surface, without our awareness; so in shining the spotlight of attention on the body we can learn to see and to hear what the body is communicating to us. The body also gives us an additional place to stand and gain stability and confidence.

Sounds of nature


Soothing sounds of water trickling down a small stream accompanied by birdsong. There is something relaxing about the sounds of water. This track is ideal for mindful listening and general appreciation of the sounds of nature. It can also offer some relaxation as part of a bedtime routine. 



Spring time brings along the long days, colourful blossom, beautiful flowers and delightful melodies of birdsong in the early mornings. Mother nature truly comes into her own and nourishes our spirits in so many ways. This is a recording of birds tweeting early in the morning heralding the gift of a new day. It is calming and can be helpful both as a wakeup melody or lullaby to help induce peaceful sleep