One to One Coaching

This program combines coaching skills and techniques with principles of mindfulness cognitive based therapy (MBCT). 


“Coaching is the art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another” Myles Downey


It is about empowering and motivating others to achieve their goals. Coaching alone is not a substitute for counselling or psychotherapy. Moreover, it is not about telling you what to do. It is a relationship that acknowledges your ability, your genius and your creativity. It is based on mutual trust, honesty and openness.


Whilst coaching is task orientated and aimed at helping you achieve goals, mindfulness on the other hand is about cultivating present moment awareness in a non-judgemental and nurturing way. 


The main objective of this program is to help you move from where you are to where you want to be, whilst also cultivating skills that will improve your sense of balance, self-compassion and wellbeing in the long term. It is about finding the balance between DOING and BEING. 


To discuss your needs please get in touch by email or call 01727 226911