Events 2020

Mindfulness and Wellbeing 

Keynote Speaker

7th February  2020

EVENT: PMGUK Conference

Coping Mechanisms In Times Of Crisis


29th May 2020

EVENT: Webinar for Working Town

Approaching The Menopause Mindfully

Keynote Speaker

16th June  2020

EVENT: Webinar for The Counselling Foundation

Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On First

Keynote Speaker

25th June  2020

EVENT: Webinar for RCGP

Self-Care is Essential

Keynote Speaker

11th August 2020

EVENT: Med-U-Cate Summer School

Sustaining our Wellbeing 


5th October   2020

EVENT: Pulse Live Virtual Festival: Mental Health Day

Employee Wellbeing 


22nd October  2020

EVENT: Webinar 

Mental Wellness At The Workplace

Keynote Speaker

19th November 2020

EVENT: Mental Wellness Conference. Malta