Community MBCT Course - April 2019

Course Details 


The course begins with a pre-course orientation session to give you an overview of the course structure, followed by an 8 week MBCT course delivered as 2 hourly sessions on Tuesday evenings with an additional full day of practice .


The course combines guided meditation practices with exercises used in cognitive therapy. Home practice in between sessions forms a core element of the course. This is approximately 1 hour each day over the 8 week period.


The aim of this course is to promote awareness of your mind and body through the cultivation of mindful awareness. It is suitable for people wishing to enhance their general physical and mental wellbeing. 


This is NOT a training course to learn how to teach mindfulness.


When you register for the course you will be asked a series of questions in the application form that will help us determine whether or not the course is likely to be safe and beneficial for you at this time. 




Dr Wendy Molefi


Number of participants 





23/04/19   Pre-course Orientation

30/04/19   Session 1

07/05/19   Session 2 

14/05/19   Session 3 

21/05/19   Session 4


(28/05/18  Half term break)


04/06/19   Session 5 04/06

11/06/19   Session 6 11/06

16/06/19   All day 16/06*

18/07/19   Session 7 

25/06/19   Session 8




1830 - 2030

* 0945 - 1600 - All day practice




Redbourn Parish Centre

The Park 






£325 ( Introductory offer)