A Wellbeing Day

Workshop Details


I hope you had amazing holidays and had time to slow down, decompress and reconnect with loved ones. I also hope you had time to pause and to reflect on life’s offerings in the past year; the challenges, the difficulties, the achievements and the delights. 


The New year has well and truly began, and many of us are energised and feeling emboldened, with new aspirations and good intentions. 


It is my hope for you that at the core of these aspirations and intentions is YOUR wellbeing; your emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing, for this matters a great deal.


Your wellbeing should really underpin the platform from which you propel yourself into this new year. Furthermore, your wellbeing should be sustained by a disciplined attitude towards self-care.  


Start the year as you mean to go on and book into our first 2020 Wellbeing day dedicated to nourishing your wellbeing and replenishing your resources. 


A day focused simply on self-care and learning how to put your own wellbeing first. 


The day will be underpinned by mindfulness principles and practices infused with moments of quietude for inward reflection.


What you will learn:


The day will be experiential, interactive and informative

You will learn to nurture the balance between DOING and BEING modes of mind. 

You will learn how to step out of the pervasive autopilot mindset 

You will learn to be kind and compassionate to yourself 

You will learn to put yourself and your wellbeing first.

You will also gain some resources and life skills that will support and sustain your wellbeing in the long term. 


What will be covered:





Mindful Movement 


Who can attend:


Anyone over the the age of 18 years

Anyone wishing to put themselves and their wellbeing first. 



22nd February 2020




0900 - 1700




Rothamsted Conference Centre

West Common



AL5 2JQ 




A vegetarian lunch

Coffee and tea




Dr Wendy Molefi-Youri