Learning to Self-Care - October  2020

8 Week MBCT Course

Course Details 


As healthcare professional the concept of self-care is something most of us struggle with because we are trained and conditioned to care for others. Yet, our self-care has never been more critical. We too are human, we are not immune to life's travails. 


This is an 8 week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Course. It combines guided mindfulness meditation practices with cognitive psycho-education.


The course has been created for healthcare professionals who wish to enhance their general physical and mental wellbeing. 


The aim of this course is to promote self awareness of mind and body and self-compassion through the cultivation of mindful awareness. In so doing you will learn to nurture the balance between the DOING and the BEING modes of mind. You will gain some resources and life skills that will support and sustain your wellbeing in the long term.  


What will you learn?


To step out of auto-pilot

To see things as they really are

To accept yourself as you are

To respond skilfully when faced with difficult situations

To be kind and compassionate to yourself

To put your oxygen mask on first 

Increased awareness of the relationship between your body and mind

Increased awareness of your thoughts and feelings and how they can affect your behaviour

Increased awareness of stress triggers and how they manifest in the body

Increased ability to step out of unhelpful habitual patterns of behaviour.


The course is delivered conveniently on Saturday morning over an 9 week period. Home practice in between sessions forms a core element of the course. 


Due to the Covid -19 pandemic, all our courses are currently offered remotely via ZOOM, making it easy to access the course from the convenience of your own home.


Numbers are limited so early booking is advisable.




Dr Wendy Molefi


Number of participants





03/10/20   Session 1(0900 - 1130)

10/10/20   Session 2

17/10/20   Session 3

24/10/20   Session 4

31/10/20   Session 5

07/11/20   Session 6

14/11/20   Silent Morning  (0930 - 1300)

21/11/20   Session 7

28/11/20   Session 8




0900 - 1115