Boost Emotional Resilience

4 Week Mindfulness Course

The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way we live and work. The uncertainty, the disappointments and the losses have been undeniably real and life changing for many of us. 


Furthermore, the pandemic has exposed our vulnerabilities. It is becoming unceasingly obvious that our carry-on regardless attitudes not only compromise our wellbeing but is also not sustainable. 


As a profession, we need to resource ourselves with tools and life skills that will support and sustain our wellbeing for the long term. 


Mindfulness practice offers us the opportunity to pause, to check in, to take a breath and to cultivate kindness and compassion towards ourselves in the midst of it. 



Participants will learn how:

  • To combat burnout and mental fatigue
  • To prioritise their self-care as an essential element that underpins their wellbeing. 
  • To cultivate self-compassion and emotional resilience



  • The program will be delivered over 4 weeks as 4 x 90 minute sessions.
  • The program will be delivered on zoom 
  • The sessions will comprise a mixture of teaching, practice and discussion. 
  • Participants will be provided with meditation audio files.


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Dr Wendy Molefi





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