A Beginner's Mind

4 Week Mindfulness Course

Mindfulness practice offers us the opportunity to pause, to check in, to take a breath and to cultivate kindness and compassion towards ourselves in the midst of challenge.  


This 4 week course is an introduction to the underpinnings of mindfulness and combines formal teaching and mindfulness practices. 


The primary aim of the course is to help participates address their wellbeing and improve their resilience through cultivation of self-care and self-compassion.


Participants will learn the following:


Week 1- What is Mindfulness?

  • What mindfulness is and isn't 
  • The scientific evidence that supports the benefits of mindfulness

Week 2 - Let the breath catch you

  • Cultivating awareness of the breath as a focal point for mindfulness practice. 
  • Meeting the wandering mind.

Week 3 - The body is here in real time

  • Expanding awareness of the breath to include the body
  • Cultivating awareness of sensations in the body 

Week 4 - Thoughts are just thoughts

  • Meeting our thoughts and acknowledging them just as thoughts
  • The relationship between our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. 



  • The program will be delivered over 4 weeks as 4 x 90 minute sessions.
  • The program will be delivered on zoom 
  • The sessions will comprise a mixture of teaching, practice and discussion. 
  • Participants will be provided with meditation audio files.


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Dr Wendy Molefi





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